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Our team was tasked with launching a new look for the Future Students website. It involved reorganizing the content and structure from the top down, and presenting it in a clean, easy to use interface. The new design needed a fresh look yet also had to fit within the current site template (the header and footer) and feel part of the existing brand.

My role as Web Designer was to create this new design and collaborate with Content Writers, Project Managers and other stakeholders throughout the university. My other tasks involved creating all UI templates, visual assets, build working demo's, conduct user testing and implement feedback, build the final product and run bug testing.

The finished product has been received very well both internally and externally. Personally it was a very challenging project, but extremely satisfying. Trying to put together a design that worked amongst some initial restrictions, as well as deliver a final product that satisfied a lot of different stakeholders were two huge factors that we ultimately overcame.

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