The perfect day

This is a concept I came up with for an imaginary app by Lonely Planet. I should add that Lonely Planet are in no way affiliated with this project. This was merely an idea for a product I’d like to see.

The idea came about from one of my favourite books by Lonely Planet. The book was called ’The Perfect Day’ and it listed itineraries by Lonely Planet contributors based on their ideal day in their favourite city.

Home screenHome screen

I loved reading the itineraries and using them when I would visit new cities. To me it felt like a combination between a travel guide and a story. The writing was always very evocative so I felt it would also work very well alongside some visuals.

I decided to create a concept for an app. It would function as a travel companion style app where the user could track their progress via GPS on a map screen. As well as a home screen, the user could also view each checkpoint as a list and jump between each.

The journey screen would include the author’s description of that checkpoint accompanied by an animation. This I believe would fit the story aspect of the ‘The perfect day’. Users would get enjoyment from the written and visual components, much like the original book provided.


animated prototype

Stylistically it matches aspects of the book more so than the current Lonely Planet website and travel guide style rules. The website and travel guides have a very distinct line icon style paired with photography. Displayed in the Lonely planet blue featuring a lot of white space. The colours are provided by the beautiful photography.

Many of the other books produced by Lonely Planet are branded fairly differently. Each have a style of their own that breaks away and forms a child brand under the core one mentioned above.


In this app concept I’ve used Berlin as the example city. The core colour in this case is the red from the Berlin flag. A complimentary colour palette was developed from this Berlin red. The formula is then recreated for each other city, with one core colour that is paired with 4 other matching colours.

The book branding also uses a rounded typeface so I carried this across, using VAG Rounded for all headlines and Tsukushi A Round Gothic as the body font.


Intro animation screensIntro animation screens

I’m pleased with how it turned out. From this point I’d like to animate the opening screen, which I will hopefully be sharing soon. The introduction animation really sets the tone of the app’s UX and overall feel which is that of a playful and engaging storybook meets travel guide.